Stem of the production process


The stem and the ball joint and the stem and the valve body should have an anti-static mechanism to prevent static electricity on the ball on the collection. The stem safety design should be prevented from being "blown out" at the working pressure and the annular flanges on the stem against blowout to handle the annular ring to reduce the coefficient of friction. So the stem of the production process requirements are very high, in front of us generally introduced the characteristics of the valve production process, the following bellows cut valve Xiaobian give you about the production process of the stem.

The characteristics of traditional stem processing technology

1. The traditional stem thread with spiral knife, thread accuracy is not allowed; and the use of traditional non-chip rolling wire easy to roll mold, easy to deformation, distortion.

2. Light pole parts using grinding machine accuracy is not high, time-consuming,

3. Cross the parts with two clamping U-turn down the seal, concentricity is poor, inverted seal leak.

4. End position using milling machine indexing sub-degree, slow processing, process and more time-consuming

Stem manufacturing process features:

1. New stem thread with self-extrusion, high thread strength, accurate accuracy.

2. Thread parts and polished parts of the concentric, to overcome the long-term problems in the domestic rolling wire in the process of easy to distort, easy to roll the mold.

3. Light rod parts to achieve the accuracy of mirror effect, opening and closing easy, good sealing.

4. Transposition parts using CNC technology a molding, high precision, good performance clearance.

5. End position T-groove with forging forming process, high efficiency, low cost.

6. The whole stem production process reached the international advanced level.

In the case of strong corrosion, volatile and harmful process conditions, once the stem seal is damaged, strong corrosion, volatile and harmful process media from the control valve stem leaked out of the surrounding environment and personal safety will bring serious as a result of. The use of bellows stem seal form is a way to solve these problems. Bellows is usually made of stainless steel. This special bonnet structure protects the control box from the stuffing box to avoid contact with the fluid. Once the bellows has broken, the packing structure above the bellows prevents serious consequences of rupture of the bellows. In engineering practice, the choice of bellows seal form should take into account the pressure rating of the bellows seal decreases with increasing temperature, the presence of solid particles in the fluid, and the longest cycle operating life of the bellows material The In the stainless steel intolerance of some of the process of corrosion of the strong corrosion of the place, such as the process medium for the wet chlorine, wet chlorine containing trace of hydrochloric acid will make the stainless steel bellows will soon be corroded.

In the progress of technology development is also faster and faster, the new stem manufacturing technology to reduce the cost, work efficiency, more in line with the requirements of modernization. In addition, the bellows cut-off valve manufacturers suggested that the choice of stem material is also an important work in the production process, I hope not to ignore this important factor. Three fine valve door technology provided

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