About us

  St. Hans (Tianjin) Valve Co., Ltd. is mainly designed to produce low, medium and high pressure valves and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, heating, food, shipbuilding, metallurgy, paper making, light textile and air conditioning projects. In the pipeline system. After years of development, Winnery has a good product quality and perfect after-sales service system. Innovative product design, ingenuity, exquisite workmanship, excellent production, perfect testing methods, high quality and reasonable price, it has won the praise of the majority of users, exports to many countries and regions, established a good corporate image in the industry, brand awareness rising year by year .

  St. Hans (Tianjin) Valve Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of “developing markets with quality and developing sincerely” and strengthens the market competitiveness of enterprises and the development potential of enterprises, meticulously forges them with new concepts, implements quality strategies, and creates brand benefits. In the spirit of more truth-seeking, more high-quality products, more perfect services dedicated to the user.