Stainless steel internal thread traps to use


  Stainless steel internal thread traps with inverted bucket steam trap opening and closing is based on the density of condensate and steam to move the action, the action is accurate and reliable. No stainless steel internal thread traps can be continuous and intermittent discharge of saturated condensate heating equipment will not have water accumulation, in order to obtain the highest thermal efficiency. Stainless steel internal thread traps are mainly used for oil, chemical, power, textile printing and dyeing, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries a variety of steam heating equipment, steam pipe network and low superheated steam engineering. It can quickly exclude condensate, effectively prevent steam leakage.

  The use and maintenance of stainless steel internal thread traps:

  1. At the time of purchase, make sure that the maximum value of the material, pressure and temperature of the stainless steel inner thread trap can meet the requirements.

  2. Before installation, must clean the pipeline, remove the debris, to ensure that the stainless steel thread within the normal operation of the trap.

  3. The installation location of the stainless steel internal thread traps should be as close as possible to the heating equipment.

  4. Stainless steel internal thread traps at work, should be placed horizontally at the lowest point of the pipeline, the flow direction and the valve on the same direction.

  5. Each heating equipment to install their own stainless steel thread traps, so as not to affect each other.

  6. In ensuring the safe operation of the system, slowly open the stainless steel thread before the trap valve, so that it gradually warming to normal. The stainless steel internal thread trap is an indispensable device for the piping system of the conveying medium, and its function is to filter the mechanical impurities in the medium to protect the fittings on the equipment from wear and clogging. At present, China is basically used in the stainless steel thread traps.

  The stainless steel thread traps large volume, the resistance is not easy to install large, and the sewage for a long time, high cost, failed to meet the requirements of the majority of users, I plant for the above problems, improved production, developed into three Large series of filters, the shape of the same, the internal parts of all stainless steel, fastening surface, the internal thread filter small size, filter smoke, resistance, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, low cost, to meet a variety Pipe requirements.

  Stainless steel internal thread traps are automatic valves, especially for low pressure, low displacement and high temperature stability requirements, should not contain condensate water vapor equipment is more applicable. According to the principle of buoyancy, so that the float within the valve with the water level change movements, in order to achieve the valve opening and closing, that is, the role of drainage and steam.

  In particular, the boiler room is required to install this product before the circulating water source, in order to eliminate the mechanical impurities in the system equipment and pipelines from the plug and wear. Water resistant to the bucket structure will not be damaged by water hammer, long service life. Exhaust air performance is good, inverted bucket with overflow holes, can effectively prevent the vapor lock and air gas block. Allowing back pressure high back rate of 85%. Easy maintenance Internal parts are not embroidered steel process, are installed in the valve cover, and a filter device, easy maintenance routine. - Three fine valve provided

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