Ball valve national standard


Ball valve national standard

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Engineering standards

"Construction water supply and drainage and heating construction quality acceptance" GB50242-2002

"Code for acceptance of construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning engineering" GB 50243-2002

Product Standards

"Universal valve flange and butt welded steel ball valve" GB / T12237-89

"Iron and copper ball valves" GB / T 15185-1994

"General requirements for steel valves" GB / T 12224-2005

· "Drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials, safety evaluation criteria" GB / T17219-1998

Standard Number Standard Chinese Name Standard English Name

· Sy / t5835-93 fracturing wellhead ball valve

· Gb / t12237-1989 universal valve flange and butt welded steel ball valve general purpose industrial valves - flanged and butt-weld endsteel ball valves

· Gb / t15185-1994 iron and copper ball valves cast iron and copper alloy ball valves

Pipeline ball valve with jb / t7745-1995

· Jb / t53167-1999 ball valve product quality classification

Glass fiber reinforced modified phenolic plastic ball valve jc / t783-2004

Test procedure for static pressure life of ball valve jb / t8861-2004

Industrial valves - steel ball and globe stop and checkvalves.

· Industrial valves. Rotary valves. Brass ball valves. Specification (industrial valves. Brass ball-valves. Specifications.) Nf e29-466-1987.

Industrial valves - cast iron ball valves. Industrial valves - cast iron globe valves.

· Industrial valves. Rotary valves. Copper and aluminum ball valves. Specification (industrial valves. Cupro-aluminium ball valves.specification.) Nf e29-465-1986.

Building valves - Hand - operated copper alloy and stainlesssteel ball valves for potable water supply in buildings - tests andrequirements - Design and demand - .)

• Steel gate, globe and check valves for sizes dn 100 andsmaller, for the petroleum and natural gas industries. )

• Manually operated ball valves and closed bottom taper plugvalves for gas installations for buildings.

· Ansi / asse 1002-1979 toilet flap tank ball (water closet flush tank ball cocks)

An iron ball valve - flanged and butt-welding ends

Industrial valves - Steel ball and globe stop and checkvalves - Industrial valves - steel globe and globe stop and checkvalves

Industrial valves - industrial valves - cast iron globe valves

Petroleum and natural gas industries - Steel gate valves with dn 100 and smaller, ball valves and check valves

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